He followed his dog to search for the reason why his dog getting these bags and he cried so hard after that…

Rodrigo had always had a big heart and everyone recognized him for it. Since he was a little boy, he had shown a great willingness to help in any way he could. Rodrigo, at just four years old, was already washing dishes at home and feeding the birds that came daily to his yard and had already grown fond of him.

A couple of years later, when he was not at school doing his homework, he had also started to help his mother with cooking and cleaning and set an example to all the children, who, on the other hand, only thought about playing while their parents did everything for them.
Therefore, Rodrigo grew up as an independent child who knew how to earn his own living from a very young age, even though his parents had resources so that he did not have to work.
What happened next to the dog and his family? Watch video below to discover:

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