He had to live in illness, dirt and chains for 9 years, everyone ignore him because of his ugly face

Helping animals is a wonderful opportunity for your family to give back and make a difference. From woodland rodents to farm animals to your own pets, even our largest four-legged pals require gentle loving care now and then. Shelter dogs are searching for permanent homes, but wildlife continues to suffer with rubbish in their natural habitats.

Socrates lived in sickness, dirt and chains for 9 years. He was half-alive in a bag of bones body, scabies and dehydrated. He has many open wounds on his body.
Thank you for the kind woman, Socrates was brought to the vet. Poor dog with skinny body, indented eyes and many diseases and it is not the worst thing. He suffered from bone cancer.
Fortunately, he met an angel and the woman save his life. God bless to the kind person. If possible, please help weak, poor animals like Socrates. They really need you.
Please watch video below to see full story:

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