He takes his daughter to this HOLE Every Day, You Will Burst Into Tear When Knowing Why…

Death is an inevitable part of life but having to bury your own child is the worst thing any parent has to experience. I’m sorry to say that today’s stories will be about tragic cases from a man who takes his daughter to this hole every day to the story of a boy who inspired everyone with his vision of life.

Singly was two years old when these photos went viral in 2017. Next to her lies a man her father whose name is Hang Li-Jong, a farmer from China. He takes his daughter to this hole every day.

To anyone looking at these pictures, it may seem like a strange place but there is a reason for it and it is really sad. When Singley was about two months old, she was diagnosed with a congenital blood disorder called thalassemia, a disease that decreases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood causing the patient to suffer from insufficient oxygen distribution.

To survive this disease would require blood transfusions to keep the person alive long-term medical treatments such as these also mean endless bills. However, Mr Zhang is determined to save his critically ill daughter and has spent all his savings. In total, he has spent about 16 000 on medical treatments and has even borrowed money from friends and family to the point where they are no longer helping him.

Now that his sources of funding have dried up, he is facing the final outcome and out of desperation, the father has done the most heartbreaking thing.

For three days, he has finished this hole that is supposed to be his daughter’s grave. He brings her to play here every day so that she gets used to being here. He believes that if she becomes familiar with a place she will not be frightened when her time comes and so the unsuspecting child comes to her grave every day to play.

Does anyone else need tissues right now? It’s really heartbreaking, isn’t it? However, there is one small possibility to end this family’s tragedy, umbilical cord blood. This blood is a rich source of stem cells.

According to Dr. Dean, gaming singly, you can be cured with the transplantation of umbilical cord blood from a sibling the stem cells from the umbilical cord blood should be enough to generate enough hemoglobin for your body.

There’s a small chance 25 percent that the baby will not be born with the same disease. As both parents carry the thalassemia genes and although the odds are not in their favor. The poor couple decided to have another child in the hope that the baby’s blood will be a match for Singly. Watch video for full story:

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