Heartbreaking When Rescueing a Starving Kitten from The Landfills

Pets are amazing. However, not everyone is treated equally. Some animals have a bad start in life, while the fortunes of others can change dramatically. Many end themselves in rescue centers, hoping to be put in a new home. Stray animals really need the help from us so if possible, please give them a better life, they will make your life better.

We can’t hold the tears to see these poor animals were abandoned. Because of poor economy, many people leave these poor kittens alone.
He was very hungry and missed his mother. Luckily, this newborn kitten met a kind man and his life changed.
The man took him to home and bathed for the kitten and fed with milk, he seemed really hungry.
Thank you for saving the little cat, god bless the kind hearts.
Watch the video as below:

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