Heartwarming story: A woman rescued and brought up two lynx cubs that she purchased from a zoo farm

Annie was able to save two lynx babies from a zoo farm. The animals were given a home and the right to live happy lives.
They currently share a barn with eight dogs and three horses. Annie had wanted a cat since she was a youngster.

Eight dogs are already in her possession. She was looking for a pet when she came across a zoo farm. She was initially thinking about how the dogs would react, but they were very friendly and even took care of the animal and helped a lot with it.

Although Gera grew up with dogs and picked up their manners, raising a small lynx was still challenging. A year later, the young woman decided to rescue yet another lynx, this time Bonny. The young woman asserts that it is very challenging to care for cats.

She is now able to walk both cats quietly because they have been trained and do not bother her. We are very thankful to the woman for doing this. What do you think about this story? Let us know in the comments.

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