Heartwarming story of a rescued elephant brought her cub to visit the man who raised her up before

Wony the elephant was discovered in Africa a long time ago. She hadn’t seen her mother since she was a small child. Wony was saved from a park thanks to the efforts of animal rights activists. Gerard, the sanctuary’s leader, greeted her there.

He just sorts out the elephants’ everyday consideration and prosperity, guaranteeing that they are dependably cheerful and sound,’ said the hold’s chief. Wony had proactively become very autonomous by 2009, and she passed on the hold with her watchmen’s agreement to live in nature, right at home.

She remembered Gerard, the man who had rescued and raised her, despite her newfound freedom. He stated, ‘She seems to never forget the generosity offered to her even though Wony has been out in the wild for more than a decade.’

This was made clear the moment Wony decided to come out of the park to see Gerard, bringing her cub with her. Gerard was the one who had raised Wony. What is your opinion? What do you think about this story? Let us know in the comments

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