Heaven Peralejo is called ‘Sexy Actress’: ‘I love my body’

Is Heaven Peralejo prepared to play a “sexy actress” after her outstanding performance in the MMFF 2022 movie Nananahimik Ang Gabi? The Gen Z actress acknowledges that she is not yet ready for ventures that focus *entirely* on her physique, while not minding the label.

Even if my physique doesn’t quite suit what most people consider to be a truly beautiful figure, I am secure in it. However, I adore my physique,” she adds. “Why not, if a project requires that I do erotic sequences in order for it to succeed? However, I don’t want to make a movie that is only focused on it.

In fact, the actress reveals that she *almost* turned down her role in Nananahimik Ang Gabi. “I initially thought of turning it down. It took a while before they convinced me. But we were able to arrive at a middle ground on what I can and can’t show. I was such a baby and thought that I wouldn’t be able to do what was required… But I kept an open mind, and realized that it’s not really about the scene, but the message we want to show,” she says.

“And they were all very respectful…They made sure to illustrate every shot they planned to do, so I could see beforehand the shots they intended to do.”

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