He’s super terrᴏʀ and paralyzed in ғᴇar! What he’s gone thʀᴏugh?

Animals of all shapes and sizes have been rescued from dangerous and difficult situations. Dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, and reptiles are just some of the animals that have been saved. In many cases, these animals have been abandoned and left to fend for themselves. In other cases, they’ve suffered from abuse or neglect, or been injured in accidents. Whatever the situation, these animals need our help. We will tell you rescueing story of a dog who’s super scared and stays frozen in fear!

He didn’t know love. He didn’t know the inside of a house. He refused to enter a house, as if he would get in trouble for entering. He didn’t know how to walk on tile floors. He didn’t know what a dog bed was. He didn’t know what toys were. He didn’t know humans could be nice. He was terrified to ride in a car. …. Kismet means fate. Fate is how we found him, and fate brought him to where he is today.
Rescuing an animal can be a difficult and dangerous task. In many cases, the animal is in a dangerous situation and must be approached with caution. In other cases, the animal may be injured or ill and need specialized medical care. Animal rescue organizations have the training and equipment to safely rescue animals in need.
Please watch video below for full story:

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