Hot News: US Deadliest ATACMS Missile Already Appears In Ukraine!

The ATACMS is one weap0n that has been too lethal for the west to give to Ukraine. Ukraine requested it for over seven months, all to no avail – until now when the US seems most likely to ship out the missiles in an infinite number of batches. This change of mind came after Russia did the impossible.

On October 10, 2022, a busy Monday morning in Ukraine, Russia unleashed a lethal barrage of missiles against civilian targets, the strikes had no practical military sense. Russia simply b0mbarded Ukraine with 84 cruise missiles and 24 drones to cause a humanitarian catastrophe in the country.
However, of these missiles and drones fired at Ukraine, President Zelenskyy said that Ukrainian forces sh0t down 56. Noting these, western countries backing Ukraine have doubled down on their commitments to supply Ukraine with not just air defense systems that would shoot down incoming Russian artillery but also the most advanced western weap0ns that would keep the Ukrainian forces in an offensive position as they take on their invaders.
One weap0n capable of and with a history of bringing such expectations to fruition is the Army Tactical Missile System, or ATACMS – a weap0n that is operated from a platform Ukraine has already grown accustomed to – the HiMARS. This is significant because combined, there will be no land-based weap0n of the Ukrainian forces more lethal than the HiMARS and ATACMS.
Watch video below:

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