How A Lion Treats A Baby Will Surprise You

Animals in the wild have been known to help care for and even adopt the babies of other animals if the situation is just right. But does that strange compassion extend to human babies as well, what would a wild animal do if it stumbled upon a newborn human? Would they simply claim it as lunch or are animals hard-wired to care for the young no matter what species?

Place a human baby in view of a hungry lion and their reaction is interesting to say the least. While most people laugh and think the playful interaction is adorable.

There’s a reason why that perspex glass is there. In the first place given the chance any hungry lion would make short work of a baby or infant child. The lion isn’t aggressively attacking the glass mainly because an infant poses no threat.
This swiping and pawing is the same behavior you see with cats and mice and we all know how that ends up for the poor mouse. It doesn’t even matter if you have a lion costume on, you aren’t fooling anyone. You’re just a happy meal in cosplay.
But why would animals show kindness to a human infant why would they even care? To understand, please watch video below:

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