How An Unschooled Single Mother Teaching Her Daughter

No matter how old we get, our mother’s love is always going to be meaningful and powerful to us. We know how much we love our moms, but sometimes, we never say sweet words to her. A short film below tell us about an unschooled, single mother tries to raise her daughter the best she could — by teaching her to question the world. A daughter who supports her mom and gets successful in the end when she believes in herself!

The touching film is about a poor family, a single mom and his daughter in primary school. They don’t have good condition as others but this great mom is still a perfect teacher for her child. This moving short video will definitely move you into tears and give you some lessons as well.
I like how the mom didn’t say “draw a poster/ad” but instead “see how others are doing it.” I like how when the daughter said “we should sell it,” she let her daughter sell it and learn from failure instead of selling it herself- One spectator said.
“Just because you didn’t go to school doesnt mean you didn’t get an education. Life is a great teacher for better, and for worse.”- Other commentator said.
Not everything you can learn is at the room, sometimes you need to go outside and experience the lessons that the life has prepared for you. And also, love your mother as long as you can because you never know how much time you can spend together with her!
Accept the challenge and try not to cry after watching this heart touching emotional masterpiece. Please watch video below:

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