How Dominant is the Swedish RBS-17 Anti-Ship ᴍɪssɪʟᴇ

The Swedish Robot 17 system is a ᴍɪssɪʟᴇ created based on the American AGM-114 Hellfire ᴍɪssɪʟᴇ. It was initially manufactured in the 1980s by Bofors Defense (now called Saab Bofors Dynamics).

While the Hellfire ᴍɪssɪʟᴇ was designed to engage distant armored vehicles using an attack helicopter like the AH-64 Apache, the Robot 17 may also be launched from land or naval boats.
It employs laser guidance and has a range of around five miles, but under typical working conditions, this is likely to be rather less. It is capable of attacking ships and coastal fortifications on land and water. This system resembles the Ukrainian Neptune ᴍɪssɪʟᴇ system that was employed to strike the Moskva.
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