Human Saw An Elephant Mom Crying For Help And They Follow Her. What Happened Next Is Really Shocking

Elephants and humans had always lived amicably together in a small rural village in India. The people were used to their huge friends walking around the village, and the animals knew they posed no threat to their kind. But when one mother elephant started acting strangely, the local people realized she was upset and even crying, as if asking for help.

They decided to follow her into the wilderness, but what they soon discovered was so shocking that it left many people as upset and afraid as the elephant. This truly is a story that will leave you smiling at how kind humans can be to the animals that they live alongside!
The Village was built deep in elephant territory so it was to be expected that they would encounter these huge and beautiful beasts every now and then. Elephants were so common around there that the villagers barely battered an eyelid. At the site of one of them lumbering across the road or grazing next to a tree near their home, they were as common as cats and dogs.
To Western countries, the people tried to leave the elephants alone. They knew that the village was in their territory so they tried as much as possible not to get in the way of the elephants who had been there long before the humans arrived. The elephant seemed content with this. Watch video below for full story:

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