In South Africa, a remarkable event occurred that brought to mind a scene from the classic Disney movie The Lion King.

While filming a safari in a park, Kurt Schultz stumbled discovered a newborn lion that was being protected by a troop of baboons. Their outward look did not bode well. Kurt feared that they would attack and kill the defenseless cub of the king of monsters.

Those who were in the park at the time were taken aback when one of the males snatched the infant. and joined him in his ascent up the tree. Fortunately, the other monkeys not be in a hurry to catch up to the evasive prey. Despite this, everyone who saw it knows that victims of the kidnapping felt a chill go through their bodies.

After all, the baboon leapt from branch to limb, and a tiny lion cub may fall out of his grasp at any moment and drop to the earth.

Furthermore, everyone was concerned that the baboon might return with the lion cub to the tribe below. The baby would then have no chance of survival. Thankfully, none of these occurred. With a lion cub in his arms, the kidnapper sat quietly on one of the branches and began to massage and caress him as if he were his cub.

For a long period, the male kept the lion cub in his paws, traveling with him from branch to branch and exhibiting genuine parental care. Everyone recalls a scene from the film in which the monkey saves Simba by capturing him and flying with him. This was the first time he’d ever seen a lion cub treated with such tenderness.

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