Incredible to witness a couple give birth to a second set of twins with distinct skin colors

Seeing the Durrant family in its entirety is something to behold—a family of six that is not only striking but has beaten some pretty impressive odds.
When couple Alison Spooner and Dean Durrant had their first set of twins in 2001, their arrival instantly caught everyone’s attention.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about life on this planet is the unpredictable nature of things. Sure there are times when the unexpected can be upsetting or even heartbreaking. Still, there are also plenty of occasions where we’re pleasantly surprised by something we thought would never happen. Alison Spooner and Dean Durant look like the average couples from the outside but it turns out their genes are indeed special. This is demonstrated by the miracle that occurred and not one but two sets of twins.

In 2001 twin sisters Haley and Lauren Durand from Hampshire England were born with different skin colors. One of the twins was white like their mother and the other was black like their father when Allison and Dean first discovered.

They were pregnant with twins, they assumed their babies would take after both of them. When Alison gave birth to Laura and Haley in 2001, however, the parents were met with a surprise.

Laura had inherited her mother’s light skin blue eyes and red hair while her twin sister had much in common with her father. Of course Allison and Dean were astounded as were their families yet while the phenomenon is extremely rare.

Twins are more likely to be born early, often before 38 weeks, so it’s important to understand your birth options. Less than half of all twin pregnancies last beyond 37 weeks. Because of the likelihood that your babies will be born early, there is a good chance one or both of them will spend some time in special care.

It’s not altogether unheard of growing up wasn’t always easy as their parents had to field questions about how this could have happened and comments of disbelief and then the girls would face questions from their friends at school. To see full story, please watch video below:

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