Inside Billions $ Airbus Factory Building The ᴡᴇɪʀᴅ Looking Beluga Plane

If you’re a multinational aerospace company airbus, you use the Beluga XL designated the A330 743L. The XL is actually the second aircraft to carry the Beluga name. There are just six in total. Each of which is 207 feet long and boasts a maximum takeoff weight of 500 000 pounds.

The massive cargo hold which bulges above the main fuselage is 78 000 cubic feet and 29 feet in diameter even when fully loaded the Beluga XL can travel 2 600 miles at a time and reach speeds of around 458 miles per hour. With its increased capacity, the Beluga XL can carry two a350 XWB wings or nearly complete sections of an aircraft’s fuselage.

This makes it integral to Airbus’s massive intercontinental assembly operation.

Creating an oversized cargo aircraft like the Beluga XL requires a lot of coordination between various facilities appropriately many parts were delivered by the previous Beluga iteration the A300 600 St. Watch video as below:

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