Jenna Ortega’s Net Worth Is Rising With Dizzying Speed

Given that Wednesday is one of Netflix’s most watched shows ever, Jenna Ortega ought to be extremely wealthy. That’s what she is! Jenna is only 20 years old, yet she already has millions of dollars in her bank account. This isn’t really surprising considering that she was out here producing money while the rest of us were dealing with algebra (we’re STILL waiting for math to be helpful in real life). Now that we have dug our way into my heart, it is time to investigate Jenna’s wealth.

What is Jenna Ortega’s current estimated net worth?
That would be $3 million, based on Celebrity Net Worth. However, as Jenna is relatively new to the A++ list, there isn’t a lot of information available about how she made that money, specifically how much she has made each job.

What Did Jenna Make for Wednesday, You Ask?
Tragically, this information isn’t publicly confirmed, but there is info out there about what Netflix pays its stars in general. Let’s use Stranger Things as an example, since it’s also a series that blew up after its first season. According to Deadline, the core cast of kids made around $30,000 an episode during Stranger Things seasons 1 and 2. Of course, they were largely unknown at the time, while Jenna has a buncha credits to her name—so it seems safe to assume she made north of that amount.

More significant is Jenna’s potential salary going forward now that Wednesday has established itself as one of Netflix’s most profitable and popular shows. The cast of Stranger Things negotiated their salaries ahead of season 3, when they started earning $250,000 an episode (or ~$2 million per season). SoOoOOoOOOo, yeah, Jenna is likely looking at a major raise.

Let’s Talk About Jenna’s Instagram
Jenna went from having a modest following to gaining 10 million new Instagram followers in just 10 days. PopCrave charted the growth rate of her account, and as you can see, she had 9.39 million followers on the day Wednesday premiered and 20-ish million followers 10 days later. (For what it’s worth, Jenna has ~30 million followers at the time of this story’s publication)

Obviously, brands are desperate to work with Jenna, but she hasn’t done any major sponsored posts since the show dropped.

As for her per-post pay? There’s some reporting that Jenna could earn more than $78,000 per sponsored post, but at the rate her following is growing, that number is probably already out of date.

Oh, and FYI, Jenna had this to say about her approach to Insta in a recent interview with The Face: “I have to look at my social media as a business platform because I think it’s unhealthy for everyone involved. I’d hate to be married to it. I don’t want to be worried about what I look like on there, or how people perceive me on there. It’s just work! It’s just work posts. I’ll talk about whatever and then people can look at me as an actor, not an influencer, and I can focus on that.”

We’ll be updating this as more info about Jenna’s $$ emerges, especially once we find out what Netflix is paying her for Wednesday’s inevitable second season!

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