Joshua Garcia reveals intimate comment on IG with Bella Racelis and dispeling rumors

Be strong? It looks like Joshua Garcia and Bella Racelis are still close, denying rumors that they parted ways after months of holding hands and even making playlists together. ICYMI, whispers began to circulate after Joshua appeared to *deny* a romantic relationship with the vlogger and stressed in an interview that he was “single.” “Wag na nating pag-usapan ‘yan, basta ako, single ako. Nag-iisa ako diba? Wala nga akong kasama sa Japan eh,” he told Ogi Diaz when asked to comment on speculation about dating Bella.

But while there may have been no malice in his statement, some fans couldn’t help but feel frustrated by the Dana leading man’s revelation. “Joshua Garcia denying Bella Racelis? Who do you think you are?” one fan tweeted, fueling tension between the two.
While Bella has kept mum about the issue from the start, Joshua took it upon himself to subtly dismiss talks of their possible fallout, penning the sweetest birthday greeting for the vlogger’s corgi named Theo. “Happy birthday, Bebu,” he commented on the dog’s celebratory post made by Bella recently. Cute!

IMAGE Instagram/thatsbellayt
To point out the obvious, while Joshua and Bella have yet to put a label on their *official* status, it seems like they’re enjoying each other’s company, pets included. Stay happy, you two!


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