KaladKaren advised the public to remember chilling after work

In real life, comedian and TV personality KaladKaren, also known as Jervi Li, amused online users with her funny antics.It served as a timely reminder to the audience that individuals sacrifice for their family and pursue their aspirations.Work, but remember to hydrate! With a picture of her suitcase that was shot while she was at the airport, KaladKaren wrote on her Instagram page.

“I can finally take a vacation! Huhuhuhu I’ll see you soon, sweetie! Seeing you and Monkey #2 makes Monkey happy! See you, Philippines, in 2019! Added he.It appears like KaladKaren will visit the UK to spend the holidays and the new year with her fiancé Luke Wrightson.Speaking of Luke, he left a “Yay!!!” remark on his post. Hello, ugly! “.

It will be remembered in September 2020 when he broke the news that he and his girlfriend, afam, were engaged.KaladKaren’s words then went viral during her condo tour that can be viewed on the YouTube channel of her impersonation Karen Davila.

“Here, actually, it’s a bedroom during the day, at night it’s a garden, because this is where I water it,” he said, making Karen laugh.


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