Kim Chiu insulted Xian Lim that Xian was so scared and got shocked

It turns out that Kim Chiu is a human being and not a clean-cut saint who can’t speak evil. Because of Xian Lim’s goodtime, Kim’s wholesome image was slightly shaken, when he saw it as cheap.

It’s like Kim’s god that Xian scared the actress so much that the unbreakable image of the first one was damaged.

Xian posted on Instagram the video where he is wearing a gorilla facemask. Xian took a picture of himself and captioned his photo, “That’s me! I’m about to scare my girlfriend.”

Xian approached Kim for a few moments. When Kim saw Xian’s appearance, he cursed, “pu@#$% mother!” cover your face at the same time.

Kim cowered in fear and covered her face again as she looked at Xian again.

When Xian saw that Kim was cowering in fear, the actor removed the facemask.

Xian apologized to Kim.

“PS He’s not angry anymore. HFWW we are PSSP. (holding feet while watching. Pa sway sway pa)!” Xian said.

As expected, fans were entertained by the two’s scene. (King Flows)

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