Last Wish of Veteran Before Passing Away In Hospice: To Say Goodbye His Puppy The Last Time …

A 69-year-old military veteran has made his last wish as he spends his final days in hospice. He wants to see his beloved dog Patch one last time.

Albuquerque Animal Welfare’s Facebook page uploaded heartbreaking photos of the reunion, where thousands of people shared their reactions.The veteran was admitted to the hospice center earlier that week, and he met his dog on Thursday. They even had a little conversation during their meeting.

Vietnam Veteran John Vincent with his beloved dog Patch on October 18, 2019, days after he was admitted to hospice. His sweet pup stopped by some Albuquerque animal welfare officials, who took Patch to their shelter after Vincent was rushed to the hospital. Their meeting was arranged after Vincent told his palliative care nurse Patch’s whereabouts and asked if he could see his puppy. It was the first time the Department of Animal Welfare had made such a request, and after receiving their call, they immediately decided to drive Patch to a hospice.

Since Vincent had no family, he had to hand over his dog to the animal welfare. Danny Nevarez, the director of Animal Welfare, brought Patch to the hospice center.

The Animal Welfare brought Patch back to the shelter and listed him for adoption.

He Patch remained silent during the car ride, but he started whimpering when they were near the hospital. He confessed it seemed like Patch knew he was about to see Vincent said.

Doctors, social workers and animal rights activists gathered around Vincent as Patch was placed on his lap. They all witnessed the emotional moment when Patch licked his best friend’s face.

Vincent shared that he met Patch after retirement. He saw the puppy in a neighbor’s kennel. He asked if he could be adopted, and the neighbor agreed.

The veteran wanted a dog that would accompany him on his bike trips. Since Patch is a small dog, he was the perfect riding partner for Vincent. It was the first time the Animal Welfare Department had made such a request, and immediately decided to drive Patch to a hospice after receiving their call.

“Yeah, that’s me, that’s daddy,” Vincent gently when he met Patch on his hospital bed. The Animal Welfare workers confessed they were happy watching Patch reunite with his owner. His palliative care worker said.

“When I reminded him this morning that they were coming, he goes, ‘Is this really happening?’”

Almost a thousand people shared the Facebook , and more than two thousand people reacted to it. The Animal Welfare workers brought Patch back to the shelter and listed him for adoption.

Someone was already interested in adopting Patch when the post was uploaded. Meanwhile, people posted comments under the heartwrenching post. A woman wrote:

“Oh my gosh. Let the dog stay with him until the end. This is heartbreaking.”

Other people also suggested the Animal Shelter let Patch stay with Vincent until his last breath. Another Facebook user that Yorkies are a loyal breed, and they get worried easily. The user pointed out that the dog’s tongue showed he was under stress. shared

Many people messaged the Animal Welfare’s page on Facebook, showing interest in adopting Patch. After some time, they updated the post stating someone had adopted Patch.
Watch video below for the whole story:

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