List 15 Next Generation Military Aircrafts You May Care

The fifth generation of jet fighter aircraft roared onto the scene and into the skies in the early 2000s, employing some of the deadliest weapons and technologies in the world. Many of them have stealth capabilities and advanced avionics.Let’s look through 15 next generation military aircraft in this post.

 Mitsubishi FX: the first killer next generation military aircraft in our list has yet to grace the skies with its secretive presence but the ongoing project known as the Mitsubishi FX is gearing up to be the latest and greatest next generation stealth fighter.

BAE Systems Tempest: when a big group of people all sit down and put their heads together, sometimes they can come up with something really special and such is the case with the Euro Fighter typhoon as the name may imply. The Euro Fighter typhoon was a joint effort between the UK Germany Italy and Spain.

Discover more as video below:

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