Lone baby deer asked a family for help and what they respond might amaze you

Animal rescue is a much-needed social service that helps protect animals from dangerous situations that often involve cruelty and abuse. As we are human, caring and helping the weaker animals is vital. This lone baby deer asked a family for help. And this is story of rescuer will definitely melt your heart.

I am Dawn and this is Thor’s story for Geo Beats. My husband was out in the yard and heard a baby deer bleating like a sheep. My husband walked towards the sound and Thor ended up standing on my husband’s feet. We knew right away to call the vet and after they examined Thor, they determined that Thor had been abandoned.


His mother most likely died Thor, they spend the first couple of weeks just lying quietly until their mothers come and feed them and the fact that Thor was up and around was really a bad sign.

The vet didn’t have any space for Thor so he was sent back home with us and that’s the moment when we became instant dear appearance.

Throughout this entire journey with him, I’ve been very clear that he was never going to be a pet and I was going to raise him as a wild animal. We ended up creating a pretty big enclosure for him about 15 feet by about 30 or 40 feet the first month and a half. I slept outside in a tent near him so he was safe at night.
“She researched and educated herself on how to interact for the highest good with this beautiful creature, and look at how much it impacted her and other animals’ lives! Respect.”- An audience comments.
To hear full story, please watch video below:

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