Lying in a puddle of water, this puppy was like waiting for the “end” without any feeling or reaction

Today we will tell you a story that you will cry in tears after listening to. The poor puppy is on the verge of leaving this lif. But for this kind human, it could not survive. Let’s get started!

Lying in a puddle of water after a torrential downpour, with no feeling or reaction, she waited in pain for ‘the end’. That’s how I found Elsa baby.
At that time, she was completely exhausted, her body was wet. She didn’t cry, her eyes showed excruciating pain and my heart beat with fear. Elsa was really pure and innocent in this world full of injustice. For her then every second and every minute was really precious, and I would try to seize the opportunity to hold on to a glimmer of hope. Carrying Elsa in the car to the vet, she became small and light in my hand.
She had been examined, was lying in the emergency room with special injuries. Elsa was severely dehydrated, malnourished and has a high fever Under the hair covered with parasites, Elsa’s skin was covered with scratches. The doctor was waiting for her to stabilize then did new investigations (eventually an X-ray) Elsa was still in the process of active treatment, she was transferred 24/24h and breathing oxygen. Although she had become more awake, her eyes were still very sad, unable to trust anyone, which made me extremely sad.

Elsa’s life was ultimately saved after many days of struggle, as promised by me and her. Elsa finished her extensive treatment that day and received her first vaccinations. They were new friends with distinct destiny and situations, yet they had blended and contributed to one other’s modest joys. Elsa was buzzing with excitement about her new existence.
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