Man Pets a Stranger’s Dog and… Makes Unexpected Move

A homeowner’s video surveillance captured footage of a stranger leaning on a fence petting a dog roaming free on the front lawn. However, his shocking intentions are revealed after he steals the item.

CCTV footage often captures the weirdest and funniest moments, but one homeowner was shocked to find a stranger petting his dog before making the shocking move.

In a viral Reddit video, a man in a heavy jacket tries to pet a large dog behind a low-door home. The big furry animal in a white shirt looked happy to have found a friend, and hurriedly leaned towards the stranger.

When the man continued to pet the puppy, the puppy jumped up, sweetly trying to lick the stranger’s face. However, the man had ulterior motives and slowly tore off the dog’s coat.

When he finally got his hands on the white top, the man stole it and walked away, leaving the dog confused. The post drew multiple comments from the Reddit community, most of them in disbelief.

“If anyone needs a shirt that’s bad enough to steal from a dog, I’ll let them get it,” one user said. “I’m glad he didn’t steal the dog,” added another. wrote


However, as with any post on social media, there is much more to a story than what is shown. According to the Reddit user, in addition to what was posted, the entire video reveals the story of why the man got the shirt.

According to reports, the dog’s owner was not home when it rained that day. “The first guy took his shirt off,” he said. “Then a woman came with her husband and child and gave the dog a new red shirt,” he said

Meanwhile, other users believe the outlaw is still a thief because his actions have nothing to do with the family who gave the dog new shirts.

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