Maxene explained why she still reupped photos from her and Rob’s wedding: ‘I look beautiful in the photos, it’s a shame…’

Maxene Magalona, a Kapamilya actress, explained why she still publishes her and Rob Mananquil’s wedding images on social media despite the fact that they had been separated for a long time.

Many people are wondering why she still has throwback photographs from her wedding with her estranged spouse in 2018 on Instagram.

The actress revealed in October that she and Rob are no longer together, but she did not elaborate on the cause for their split.

But he said, he still has a good relationship with Rob’s family even though they have gone their separate ways.

According to Maxene, there are two reasons why there are times when she still posts wedding photos of her and Rob. This is said to be one of his ways to honor the pain he felt after the divorce.

“To those who find it weird that I still post my wedding photos even though my marriage didn’t work out, 1. This is one of the ways I honor my pain. 2. Ang ganda ko sa photos, sayang naman,” pagababahagi ni Maxene.

In an interview with her on the Project Loving Myself Podcast, Maxene shared her experiences in relationships and advice to people who are in the process of separation.

“I dealt with my own breakup by developing a closer and deeper relationship with God.

“I kept praying for me and my ex-husband so that He could give us both the strength and energy to go through the pain of breaking up.

“God was the One who really helped me through everything. Up to this day, He is and forever will be my healer,” sabi pa ng aktres.

Many netizens are related to Maxene’s experience when it comes to love life. His IG followers also promised to continue to pray for him to achieve his other dreams in life.

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