Meet Kevin, a sᴇɴsɪᴛɪᴠᴇ chihuahua makes sad face when mom laughs at him

Meet Kevin. He’s chunky, socially awkward and hilarious.

He’s like a unicorn of a chihuahua. Picture a football and picture that football being fuzzy and furry with little drumsticks legs. And that’s Kevin.

It was actually my husband’s idea to name him Kevin, it fit we thought. He’s got a sister/partner dog named June, she’s only one year older than him, and she’s like a big gentle giant
She lets him do really anything. They’ve got a funny relationship. While he’s 100% chihuahua, he does look kinda like a chunky pug somewhere in his ancestors.

He’s very lazy, he lets my hold him like a baby all day. He’s always on your lap. Watch video below to see more about Kevin:

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