Miguel’s face was nearly crushed, how can live on the streets for so long

Miguel’s face was nearly crushed. How did he live on the streets for so long? My heart sank when I saw these photos. He suffered physical and mental pain. As I approached, his face was badly bruised and he stinks horribly. I can’t close my eyes any second his life is threatened Miguel has to live, he’s trying to survive.

He needed urgent medical intervention, otherwise he wouldn’t have any chance of survival. I took Miguel to the hospital, The rescue started when we took him away and started a big battle. Now we have to hope that he will make it through the first 24 hours at the hospital The risk is great, but even with the slimmest chance, I want to try for him. Where there is despair, may I bring hope Where there is sadness, may I bring joy Where there is darkness, may I bring light… Miguel is struggling and he believes in us.
Our Miguel is still in the hospital and making some progress. His recovery will take a long time. I’m trying everything to win and so is he. After several days of intensive treatment, our Miguel was extubated and is recovering well. He will continue to receive treatment until he fully recovers. Miguel is a warrior in my heart The desire to live in him is very strong The injuries could be said to be terrible but did not bring him down. Now he needs more attention.
All I can say is thank you to God and everyone involved in this rescue. Miguel has been released, and he continues to amaze me. I learnt more about Miguel through his narrative. Miguel is loving and upbeat. He is full of good energy, and even if his face isn’t perfect right now, he is still the most beautiful dog in the world. Miguel will be happy if he has a long life and a warm home full of love. I wish Miguel a wonderful and calm day. Watch video below:

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