” Mom, where are you?” The desperate girl yelled and cried badly when she knew what her mom was doing

“Mom, where are you?” she said, never thought she was about to discover something that would change her life forever. In the garbage dump, full of stench and all kinds of rubbish, the girl named Yaruma couldn’t hold back her tears. She cried when she begged her mother, who dumped her in this dump every day until night to pick her up she get up again.

What that little girl did not know and was about to discover was that the gesture of her. Apparently, heartless mother hid a hidden reason loaded with a lot of love. Malé, Yaruma’s mother, was a young African woman who, like so many other women on  that continent, was born during difficulties and adverse conditions of poverty and violence, she did not know her father, and she could
only see her mother by short periods in the cardboard house in which she lived because the lady left very early in the morning to work.

Malé grew up without receiving love from an adult figure who will provide her protection,  she didn’t receive primary education and did not even learn to read or write.

She spent her childhood in absolute extreme poverty suffering from curable diseases that were not adequately treated because of the absence of any medical center in the region.

What happens to the little girl and his mother? Please watch video below for full story. Thank you

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