Mother Dog And 9 Tiny Puppies Were Abandoned in a Church Parking Lot – How poor they are!

In a tear-jerking story, a devastated dog and her vulnerable puppies were left on the streets to fend for themselves.

Paw Angel Animal Rescue posted a saddening sight on their Facebook page. The picture showed a mother dog abandoned in the parking lot of North Side Baptist Church in Abilene along with her nine 2-week-old puppies.

At about 5 years old, the mother Boxer-mix looked completely downtrodden and dejected as it stood next to a blue container. Her puppies were all grasping onto her, drinking her milk.

In the post, the charity expressed that they were overloaded with rescue animals and needed someone to adopt this stray animal. They expressed:

“All Rescues are full to bursting. Foster needed asap. Please. Developing situation.”

They stated that if anyone could rescue or assist them, they should contact Most commentators were touched by the snapshot, sending in crying and heart emojis.

This rescue came about after Mistie Boerger, who works for the rescue organization, learned about the dogs, contacted the charity, and hastened to the dog’s rescue. Speaking about the incident, she expressed:

“I don’t know what goes into that thinking of leaving her mama and her two-week-old babies.”

She shared a Facebook post of the dogs safe in her protection, both mom and babies looking relaxed while lying on a blanket. Boerger said the animals would stay with her for a fortnight and then be taken in by a permanent foster.

Asking for donations, the rescue organization estimated the overall amount at $2,500 to cover various costs. At the time it was reported that over $1,000 and more continued to stream in.

The letter outlined the perpetrator’s reason for trying to kill the animal – it was barking too much.

Beyond that, various individuals were sharing pictures of this canine family to help them find a foster home. Debrenda Davis was one of these posters, with Antonella Brandon Lee responding in the comments that they can take the dogs in.

Recently, Robert Sudbury, who also works with Paw Angel Animal Rescue, shared an update of three of the little ones sleeping soundly. He penned:

“Update! Your daily Puppy breath!”

The mother has been named Dory, with all the puppies donning new names as well. Unfortunately, one of them, called Peach, had to be euthanized due to a tumor inside her throat.

In another heinous act of animal cruelty, a woman has found a poisoned bone left for her dog with a heinous note written on it. Among other insults, the letter outlines why the perpetrators attempted to kill the animal – saying it was barking too hard. Cheri Blair, 66, from New South Wales, Australia, started screaming when she spotted her puppy chewing on a poisoned bone. Luckily, they managed to get the pet to the veterinarian before possible death. Speaking of the people who tried to murder her dog, Blair explained that she didn’t mind if they died. From Blair to Paw Angel Animal Rescue, there seems to be a lot of people defending man’s best friend.

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