Mother starts crying after discovering what her children were secretly doing in the bathroom

Mom discovers what her daughter was doing with her brother in the bathroom, and she can’t stop screaming. Suzy and Timmy were siblings, and they were bonded like few others, at an age when many would be bickering and in constant confrontations, they were unconditional friends.

Suzy was seven years old and Timmy was five, and there was no one in the world they loved more than each other. Suzy being the oldest was also a guide for her little brother; and the fact is that the parents of both had been so carefree all their lives that the girl learned many things about life, alone or at school, where she had a teacher who was always ready to answer all her questions, and everything she was learning she also transferred it to her little brother; and together they got through life with no more support than the one they gave each other.

But they were still children who needed their parents, they needed them to see them beyond the two mouths they had to feed, they wanted to be taken seriously, and every day they tried hard to make them realize that they also thought and felt, and were able to understand life so they could take the time to explain and guide them; but that just never seemed to happen.
“This made me so sad, how could their parents do such a thing? They ignored the child completely- god bless Susie for being a good sibling and taking care of him while she could.”- A viewer feels frustrated after watching video
Perfect example of neglecting parent and this line applies perfectly, “every child need a parent but not every parent needs a child”- A top comment from audience.
This is true proof that kids aren’t all happy and they can feel pain, sadness, anger, and hurting. Please love your children because you give birth to them. Watch video below for full story:

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