Moving story: A Dog Rescues A Newborn Baby By Asking A Soldier Follow To Help

Junrell Fuentes Revilla is the only person to have cycled through the highlands of the Philippine island of Cebu. While riding his motorcycle, he observed a dog that appeared to be chasing his motorcycle. Revilla’s attention is drawn to the dog, which is barking loudly. He stopped out of curiosity.

The dog signaled to Revilla right away that he wanted her to follow him. And he did, climbing a mountain all the way to the summit. Revilla was directed by the dog to a landfill. He was stunned when he glanced down and saw a little newborn baby wrapped in a brown towel. The youngster was left behind!

The child was taken to the local police station by Revella, who immediately helped him. Then the social welfare office stepped in. Fortunately, the baby was found healthy.

The local news story quickly gained attention from volunteers for Hope For Strays, who were moved by the brave dog’s actions in rescuing the abandoned infant. They dispatched a team of searchers to the area to see if they could locate the dog. They did, too. They did not imagine the dog, Blacky, to be anything other than a stray, though. He did, in fact, reside with a loving family. Even three more dogs were owned by their household.

The rescuers couldn’t help but observe that Blacky’s family could use some help even though it was obvious that Blacky was very much loved. The rescuers were motivated to organize a neighborhood effort, as a consequence of which Blacky’s family received much-needed food contributions and pet supplies.

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