Moving Story: A Man Does Not Forget A Day To Walk With His Paralyzed Pet

These photos say far more than a thousand words about how much this man loves his dog.  While walking in Shubby Park in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Brian Thompson’s attention was caught by a dog driving a buggy.

Curious as to why the white German shepherd, wrapped in blankets on that cold day, was in the wagon, he approached the man and introduced himself. The man with the dog explained that his dog suffered from degenerative myelopathy and could no longer walk on her own.
He went on to say that degenerative myelopathy, or DM, is a progressive disease that affects the spinal cord and causes slowly progressive weakness and paralysis of the hind limbs. As brutal as the disease is, it’s not painful unless it’s accompanied by another disease, such as arthritis. Although the man’s beloved puppy can no longer walk alone in her favorite park, the man still insists on walking her every day, allowing her to sit safely in the car and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery.
The man continued to share how he took her out walking every day, and that he was sure if the roles were reversed, she’d do the same for him. Thompson was so moved by the story and the love this owner had for his friend, Thompson took pictures of them and shared them on Facebook.
The photos truly are a representation of the beautiful bond this dog and owner share. Please share their special story with all your family and friends.

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