Moving story about a dog that rescued a little girl at the cost of his own life

Dogs have always helped humans, and their devotion is celebrated in folklore and poetry. No one else is capable of such desperate self-sacrifice for the benefit of the owner as a devoted dog, even if it means the dog’s own Today we will tell you an amazing story about a dog that saved a little girl at the cost of his own life.

The narrative takes place in one of our wonderful country’s center areas, where little villages and communities are still lost in the woods, practically cut off from society. There were just a few dozen residences in the village, as well as a doctor’s office and a gorgeous river nearby.

Our protagonist, a 6-year-old girl Arina, lived in this village. There were no other children in the village, so the only friend who accompanied her in all her games was a dog named Buddy. He was a cross between a mongrel and a German shepherd – he was broad-boned, shaggy, and strong. And he was also kind and had boundless tenderness toward his owner.
He accompanied the little girl everywhere and did not leave her even for a moment, as if he feared that she might get into trouble. But what will happen with the girl and this dog? Please watch video to discover:

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