Moving story about Dying Woman In Hospice Meeting Her Pets Before Relieve The Last Breath

When a terminally sick patient was admitted to a hospice, the staff went the extra mile to meet her emotional needs. They arranged a moving and unforgettable reunion for her and her beloved pets.

This month, a hospice shared the story of Jan Holman, a 68-year-old woman from Chester, England. She hadn’t had a chance to say goodbye to her pet before embarking on her final trip to hospice. She’s eager to see her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Monty and Rowley, and her trusty 10-year-old horse, Bob.

Thankfully, the end-of-life care facility allowed Holman to have visitors. She knew she would be able to see her husband, Dennis, and perhaps her dogs. However, she never imagined she would pet her horse again.

When her husband of 46 years found out about the possible pet additions to her visitor list, he was overjoyed. He said: “The staff here have been wonderful. Nothing is too much trouble, including arranging for a horse to visit!”

Holman was not well enough to get out of bed but just being able to see her animals one last time meant the world to her. She was a horse lover and spent much of her life saddling up daily. Holman expressed that she had missed her animals immensely in the last few weeks and could never thank the hospice facility enough for what they did for her.

The deputy ward manager at the hospice, Louise Saville King, shared that they knew Holman was passionate about her animals from her first day with them. She added that they aimed to care for their patient’s emotional and spiritual needs.

For their hospice facility, it was essential to provide medical and health support while also giving their patients whatever they could to assist in the other avenues of their lives.

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