Netizens discussed intensely about Aira Lipata’s tattoo:‘Huwag kasi papa-tattoo agad kapag hindi kayo sigurado’

After internet users spotted Aira Lipata’s cover-up tattoo on her side, the social media celebrity became a hot topic.

This came after he posted his dance rendition of the song “Dati-Dati” by Sarah Geronimo to his TikTok account.

Because it appears that the tattoo on the side is different, the aforementioned video has drawn a variety of responses from online users.

It used to be the name of Ex-Battalion member Skusta Clee that was tattooed on Aira’s side which he flagged last month.

“Don’t get a man’s name tattooed right away when you’re not sure, so you don’t get hurt,” commented a netizen.

Another said, “Hey, there’s no SKUSTACLEE HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

“They said not to get a tattoo,” said one.

Aira replied and said, “I’m sorry.”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you’re running out of trial cards,” another hissed.

It can be remembered that Aira is considered the “third party” allegedly in the divorce of Zeinab Harake and Skusta Clee.

Although the two have no confirmation that they had a relationship, photos of them together can be seen in their Instagram stories at the height of the issue that the two have separated.

But it looks like Aira is no longer the one making the rapper’s heart beat because recently the man started trending again with Viva sexy star Ava Mendez.

Skusta Clee did the right flex with her and Ava’s photos where they can be seen as sweet naxsweet hugging each other. There is also a video where the Ex-Battalion member kisses the sexy star.

That’s why the netizens feel that this is her new relationship and further strengthened the suspicions of the netizens that there is “something” between the two because Aira has covered up her tattoo of Skusta Clee’s name.


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