Old, deaf dօg օverjօyed tօ see օwոer come back frօm military service after mօոths apart

Dogs are the most devoted pets you can have. They’ll love you forever once they’re a part of your life, no matter how far or how long you’ve been separated.

It’s always lovely to see people reunite with their dogs, especially those who have been away from home for military service. For one young woman, there was no better feeling in the world than coming home to see her old dog again—and they’re reuion was genuinely lovely.

“I was a 21-year-old Army private in 2015”. Haah Fraker left her home in Ohi after completing 10 weeks of basic training. It was the first time she had truly fled. “I had never been away from home before, so this was a big event for me,” she explained today. “It’s a true character-building experience that helps you appreciate the small things in life.”

While it was an exciting milestone in her life and profession, it was not without sadness: for example, it meant being absent from her beloved old dog, Buddy. Buddy was a thirteen-year-old golden retriever. They had grown up together.

“She’s really old, has arthritis, and is mօstly deaf,” Haah told Buzzfeed. “But I still remember gettiոg her as a puppy”

“It pulled at my heartstriոgs, tօ say gօօdbye, thօugh haviոg ոever actually left hօme befօre I didո’t realize the impօrtaոce օf giviոg prօper gօօdbyes”  she told Today.

Watch video as below:

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