OMG! France Horrified The World With Its New Massive Nuclear Supercarrier

France already has one operational aircraft carrier and a nuclear propulsion system. Remember that only the United States has this sort of aircraft carrier. Such aircraft carriers do not exist in the United Kingdom, Italy, India, or South Korea. They are not even available in China. And Russia, with its antediluvian aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov,” commissioned in 1985 and powered by 12 steam boilers, is firmly locked in the past.

The machine is interesting iconic for Europe and in general is currently the best European fighter of the fourth generation close in spirit British eurofighter typhoon. In contrast to the rafale, just beginning to receive modern radar with an active phased array antenna, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle was launched in 1996 and commissioned in 2000.

The carrier replaced Foch, a conventionally powered aircraft carrier, in 2001. Clemenceau and Foch were completed in 1961 and 1963 respectively; the requirement for a replacement was identified in the mid-1970s. The hull was laid down in April 1989 at the DCNS Brest naval shipyard. The carrier was launched in May 1994 and at 42,000 tonnes (full load) was the largest warship launched in Western Europe since HMS Ark Royal in 1950.

The aircraft carrier will have a full speed of about 27 knots, the crew will consist of 2 000 people. The ship will get one large superstructure and a failed seafire radar system with four fixed to fars on the superstructure. Watch video about this aircraft carrier as below:

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