“Once in A Blue Moon” Moment That A Whale Blows “Rainbow” Catching By Tourists

This is the stunning moment a pair of whales get up close and personal to a group of tourists ‘blowing rainbows’ into the air. Returning to the shore after a day of scuba-diving, in Lahaina, Hawaii, USA, on February 23, this group of unsuspecting tourists are in for a real treat as some curious humpback whales swim alongside their boat to greet them.

As if being mere inches away from these remarkable creatures wasn’t enough, the giant mammals then emerge from the water’s surface, spurting air from their blowholes creating an incredible rainbow above their heads.
The amazing trick is repeated several times by the humpback duo, with distinctive colours of red, orange, yellow and green all being suspended in the air by the water mist exerted by the whales, much to the amazement of those on-board.
Blue whale swimming was such an amazing experience; I had always wanted to try it, says Suwanyangyaun. I was quite fortunate because we only had a brief glimpse of each whale before it disappeared as they passed by fairly quickly. I would return numerous times if given the chance.
Check out the video below to see a gigantic blue whale blow a rainbow heart in a very spectacular moment.

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