One family adopts a dog that had never been indoors. Now he can’t stop smiling

A fantastic place in Tasmania called Brightside where they take in and rescue Greyhounds and then help them find homes. The person that brought him to Tasmania had an idea of racing him and sort of lost interest and kept them in a paddock outside two years before they surrendered them to Bright Side. As soon as we met Claude, he just was so sweet.

He d.ied right next to us. The whole time he felt like he was the right dog for us. We brought him home and he didn’t know his name

He hadn’t really been indoors, wouldn’t get down the stairs needed to be carried down our stairs until he got the hang of it because he’s sort of like a horse. We slowly built that trust with him, when he relaxed and opened up, he was just the most affectionate dog.

Watch video as below:

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