Ouch! Inka Magnaye Feeling ‘Annoyed’ At PH Bike Lanes And This is How Netizens React

It is no secret that social media has both positive and negative aspects. It may be a forum for particular personalities to be “cancelled,” a phenomena that paints someone negatively following a “reputation-ruining” act or speech. It can also be a source of fun and education. Despite being aware of the dangers, renowned people nonetheless express their opinions on some topics! As an example, Inka Magnaye frequently expresses her opinions on social issues, the most recent of which concerns the nation’s bike lanes.

The influential voice actor and well-known automotive journalist James Deakin took the opportunity to criticize the bike lanes on busy major streets like EDSA. I’ve been so irritated by these “bike lanes,” she wrote. They just scooped it out of an automobile lane; no more space was created. They continue to share the road with automobiles and trucks. Rider safety is still a concern. We still have to slightly counterflow while passing a bicycle on the service lane, or else they have to squeeze as near to the sidewalk as possible. It’s a band-aid fix, and it’s not even a new band-aid.

On Twitter, netizens had mixed reactions to Inka’s *strong* statement.

A now-deleted tweet roasted the influencer, calling her opinion a “shit take”, and pointed out that the bigger problem isn’t the bike lanes but the massive volume of cars resulting in city decongestion.

Other Twitter users sided with Inka, calling the issue a result of poor reading comprehension, bringing up Iloilo’s admirable system of bike lanes.

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