Poor Dog Tries to Jump off Balcony Without Any Food

“Dog is God spelled backward.” But sometimes people do not want to understand the meaning of it.Residents in Cairo, Egypt, noticed a German Shepherd dangling from a third-floor balcony as they looked up! It’s incredible that the dog could even cry for help.

Bella the inncocent dog, is dangling around her neck although the chain around her neck kept her from falling, Bella was a huge dog, and she could have been killed.

Nobody knows for sure how long Bella was dangling there, although others say it may have been up to five hours. Bella was rescued after a good guy gained entrance into the residence.

It didn’t take long for the truth to emerge. Bella was fragile and had been forced to live on a dilapidated balcony because of her condition. The ESMA was able to realize it (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals).

But the good news is that she will not need to live in filth anymore. Bella was adopted by the Special Needs Rescue and Rehabilitation group and put in a foster home in the United States.

Bella has relocated to the state of Texas! She now has a bigger yard to romp around in, as well as a canine sibling! Bella will now be able to sleep like a queen on her own cozy couch!

If you notice that any dogs are chained in the yard near you,
If you notcie that pepole will not look after them in the winter, The time has come for you to raise your voice. because allowing dogs (or other animals) to suffer in quiet is unacceptable.

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