Poor Little Puppy Shivering in Panic, Hiding in A Corner With Much Anxiety When His Mother No Longer Lived

Meet Baby Achilles! He is 2 months old, this poor baby is scared and shaking constantly. Achilles was hiding in a corner. The kid just had a nightmare, maybe he was abused. He’s suspicious of us…

Why was the malnourished baby thrown here? He is just a child who needs to be protected and taken care of . Where is his mother? Achilles is missing his mother, Achillies is very sad. He cried…
Achilles has a very bright eyes, he is sure to be a smart boy. First of all, he was taken home to be cared for.
The baby is very calm and feels everything with a new life full of surprises. Watch video below to see how Achilles’s life:

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