Poor mother dog crying in desperate for helping her milk-thirsty puppies!

Animals play such a critical role in our lives; without them, we’ll no longer be able to have this Earth. Human beings came into existence just recently as per the anthropological timeline. Animals existed for millions of years before that. Today we will tell you a real moving story about the process of helping a poor dogs and her nine puppies.

The animal rescuer got a call for help a poor stray mother dog was poisoned by monster people. When they came, the mother dog had symptoms such as ruptures, anemia, and skin diseases. The dog mother begged for assisting her 9 thirsty puppies.

The mother suffered extreme pains, lying there crying for help in desperate..
9 puppies not enough milk to feed, they are very hungry.

Poor mother dog with her 9 puppies- Photo cut from video

They move 8 puppies and feed with goat milk and other foods.. All 8 puppies are save and growing there.

Why should we rescue animals? Animals should be protected because science increasingly demonstrates that animals are more sensitive, aware, and intelligent than has long been believed in places like the US. The knowledge that animals are very likely aware of the conditions in which they’re kept in places like factory farms, or the abuses they suffer during laboratory experiments, means that a change in practices is long overdue.

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Animals are integral to sustainable development and, by exploiting them, we jeopardize our own wellbeing. And the way our society treats animals says so much about our humanity, compassion, and happiness. It has never been more evident than ensuring the humane treatment of animals is critical to protecting our own wellbeing—and public policy should evolve accordingly- Beth Allgood, US Country Director, Programs.

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