Pregnant mom and her baby are on the verge of coming to heaven, but the husband does something Unbelievable

Happiness is something that people seek to find, yet what defines happiness can vary from one person to the next. Every of us is searching for it, but sometimes we don’t realize that it exists in several forms.

A mother dies with her baby inside but her husband does something amazing. The just born baby named Gabriella was sort of accidental. Her mother Melanie suffered a heart attack during labor and was pronounced clinically dead. There was little hope for her and the baby in her belly but her husband did something surprising. Let’s see what happened and how this story ends.

Melanie was pregnant with her second daughter and couldn’t wait any longer to see her. She and her husband were delighted to have a new family member and a baby sister for their son, Brady. The pregnancy was going well and it was not until week 39 that the signs of labor began to appear. When they scanned that she was pregnant with Brady, she did her best to find a gynecologist and a hospital that had the same pro-life point of view as her. Sometimes decisions in a medical situation must be made in a split second and Melanie wanted to make sure that her son’s life weighed the same or even more than her own life.

She was so convinced about it that she took 25 minutes out of the way to see a trusted gynecologist. Surprisingly she had found one and felt she would be in good hands with her second pregnancy. All signs pointed to an uneventful delivery and nothing seemed out of the ordinary but then disaster struck.

When melanie was in the hospital bed, about to give birth and right after the water broke, she started to feel sick. She told her nurse that she felt dizzy and nauseous as if she were about to pass out but nothing indicated anything serious.

But suddenly melanie closed her eyes and collapsed right in front of her doctors and her husband. She appeared to be having seizures and her vital signs were showing something was very wrong with her heart rate as her blood pressure was dropping to practically zero.

But little by little, she began to turn blue and stop breathing with her daughter still in the belly. The girl’s vital signs also began to decline at an alarming rate. What was happening to Melanie and what was the best way to treat the mother and her baby?

Code blue was declared and a full medical team rushed into the room. They unplugged the bed that Melanie was in and took her to the operations room. The diagnosis showed that melanie was suffering from an embolism of the amniotic fluid.

It is a rare but serious disease that occurs when the amniotic fluid enters the mother’s bloodstream. This can have instant and devastating effects because at that time melanie was declared as clinically dead.

The medical team focused on the baby as they performed an emergency. Cesarean Melanie’s husband, Doe was very concerned as he had seen his wife taken away and was told that it might be the last time he would see her alive. What he was about to do? Watch video below for full story:

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