Pregnant Mother Dog Lying In Desperate When Seeing All Her Pups Passed Away

Kunti was pregnant and got hit in a road accident, all her 8 babies died in the womb.
Imagine if you are carrying babies in your womb, hungry for days, helplessly searching for food on some busy road and suddenly you become a victim of rash driving, how would you feel?

You are still hungry, lying on the road, you feel that all your babies inside your womb are dead but now you can’t do anything, can’t even get up and walk to the roadside, how would you feel?

This stray mother dog was hit by the car before two days & crawled in the street. Thankfully she was transferred to animal shelter for further treatment. After the surgery, Kunti, name of the dog, was able to walk slowly on her own. Kunti still needs love, care, and medication for a full recovery.

After few days, her spirit was much better. Hope her puppies are in a better place in heaven. Animals play an important part of our lives. Most animals have become endangered due to the destruction of their habitats. So if you want your next generations to see some exotic animals, then it’s time you step into your role of saving animals. Please watch video below:

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