Prepare the tissue before watching, poor cat could not survive if this kind man did not appear…

Helping animals is a wonderful opportunity for your family to give back and make a difference. From woodland rodents to farm animals to your own pets, even our largest four-legged pals require gentle loving care now and then. Shelter dogs are searching for permanent homes, but wildlife continues to suffer with rubbish in their natural habitats.

Today we will tell story of an abandoned kitten on the train track. It is having a high fever and convulsion. It looks very weak, seems like it has been starved for a long time.
Luckily, a kind man saw this and brought this poor cat to his home.
The kitten was checked the temperature and bathing. Hope it will recover soon.
If you have any stories about rescueing animals, share with us in comment section. Thank you for your support!
Watch video below to see full story:

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