Ready for Action: This US Billions $ FLYING Aircraft Carrier Will Scare The World

Before the First World War, that is, more than a century ago, engineers conceived the notion of flying airfields, or flying vehicles capable of transporting other aircraft. Why did they become necessary? It all comes down to fighters’ restricted range on the one hand, and b̵o̵m̵b̵ers’ susceptibility to fighters on the other.

Flying aircraft carrier America’s formidable new w̵e̵a̵p̵o̵n̵ will soon become a reality. The embodiment of U.S naval power is of course its 10 aircraft carrier strike groups. Each with one nuclear-powered aircraft carrier a 30 knot floating airfield of at least 165 million pounds, but America is not only the greatest naval power but it’s also the greatest aviation power.

And what does its aviation power represent the F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters? As well as the Northrop Grumman B2 Spirit, a heavy low observable strategic b̶o̶m̶b̶er absolutely but the US may soon have flying aircraft carriers as well.

Watch video below to discover this aircraft:

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