Reasons That Make the US Navy F 35C Plane into A Badass One

You’ve probably heard of the F-35 combat plane. This stealth fighter has proven to be a masterpiece of the twenty-first century, designed to flourish in aerial battle and overcome foes’ most modern aerial defense systems. However, there are a few details concerning the F-35C type American stealth aircraft that you should be aware of.

The F-35 is a family of single-engine, supersonic, stealth multirole fighters. The second fifth generation fighter to enter US service and the first operational supersonic STOVL stealth fighter, the F-35 emphasizes low observables, advanced avionics and sensor fusion that enable a high level of situational awareness and long range lethality;

The USAF considers the aircraft its primary strike fighter for conducting suppression of enemy air defense (SEAD) missions, owing to the advanced sensors and mission systems.

Watch video below to discover why the US Navy F-35C Is Such a Badass Plane:

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