Reecie – an introvert dog with no FOMO that differs from other puppies

Today we will tell you story of Reecie,an introvert dog and he has zero FOMO.

Reecie doesn’t want to hang out with the crowd, typically likes to hang out on his own. There’s the other one some dogs play with others but he just lies their alone like a supervisor.

When my husband and I and our four children are around, Reecie will usually be in the mix pure contentment but he might be on the other side of the room. All the other three might be all in one pillow, we give him all the space that he needs and we respect his boundaries. He has those intense blue eyes so even though he’s kind of chill he’s kind of intense.

Animals are more complex than most of us realize. We can appreciate many aspects of the dogs and cats we live with, but wild animals are another story. Because they live in their own world and we are not close to them, we underestimate their intelligence, intuition, and altruism. We think of them as simple beings. you are not. They are as diverse as we are.

Reecie’s friendly. He just doesn’t want to be the life of the party like the other porkies. When you have a group of dogs, it’s not always calm. Watch video about this little adorable puppy with introverted character as below:

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